Yvonne Khamati : Not too Young to Lead

Yvonne Khamati is the Deputy Head of Mission at the Kenya Embassy in Somalia. But did you know she didn’t just become who she was all of a sudden? At age 17, she one of the core members of the World Youth Organisation on Climate Change which she worked closely with World leaders to tackle issues of climates change.

At age 21 she made history by becoming the youngest woman and person to be elected to the executive committee of a political party called “Ford Kenya”. She didn’t just stop there, by the time she was 22, she became the youngest person to have been appointed to the East African Parliament. In May 2007, at 24, she was appointed an Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Kenya to Ethiopia.

She believes that young people should own the space in the parliamentary level because through them their society can and will be better.

This is no doubt she stands out in what she does and her office is respected and taken seriously. She isn’t taking a break anytime soon and we wish her well.

MIPAD is in search of outstanding leaders who are gradually becoming change agents in their societies just the way Yvonne Khamati started out. Do you know anyone?  If you do then nominate them now here

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