So our CEO had a chat with  Jaydee Tarpeh, CEO, Ten Thousand Africa, MIPAD Class of 2018 Honoree based in Canada.

Here’s a short biography about him :

Kamil is a true embodiment of a global thinker making local impact who has lived, schooled, worked and/or visited 30+ countries on 5 continents. He considers himself a “global citizen” with a passion for Africa. He is the Founder & CEO, Most Influential 100 Company.

He has a master’s degree in Global Affairs with concentrations in Economics, International Relations and International Law from the Center for Global Change and Governance at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.
During their discussion here are some of the few things he said,
“With a focus on Africa, I create global networks to build a world driven by EXCELLENCE and with over 15 years of global work experiences, I have developed solid global commercial acumen with a proven track record to lead teams and deliver outstanding results. I have an in-depth understanding of business networking, negotiations, relationship and project management skills” – Kamil Olufowobi
 Do you want to listen to the entire podcast then click HERE . Watch out for Politics and Governance global list COMING SOON .