Am a lover of Africa! Am African and Am Proud


Hello World,

Here is a thought…

The great Bob Marley once said, “ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”

First, we need to stop calling human beings black or white!

It is derogatory to call Asian people yellow or Arabs brown, so why do we subscribe to the social construct of racism and white supremacy by accepting to be called BLACK instead of African or People of African Descent or African American or Afro Latino etc

Is our hate of Africa so deep that you opt to be called BLACK and not AFRICAN?! We come in sooo many shades of beauty, BLACK is restricting…

I am African and I am Proud, YES, a remix of that James Brown classic is long overdue #I❤Africa #MIPAD100

Love outshines hatred, Light overcomes darkness and EDUCATION trumps ignorance.

Please educate the world about Africa, it’s people and beautiful places you know and love!

Am a lover of Africa, what about YOU?!

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