If  you educate a Man, You educate an Individual, But if you educate a Woman, You educate a Nation – African Proverb

As the world celebrates women today, MIPAD takes out time to celebrate her own who are exceptional in their sphere of expertise and who have in one way or the other supported us as an organization and are still a strong part of the VISION we are pushing.

Let’s meet them :

Stephanie Busari, CNN Africa Digital & Head, Nigeria Bureau Chief. She is also a Hall of Fame Award Recipient for Class of 2017. Bravo Steph, Keep shinning queen.



Ayiri Oladunmoye is a MIPAD honoree and  Global Events Consultant for MIPAD. She is also the founder of Oaken Event that specializes in Global Events. We are proud of you superwoman. Keep standing out.



Chinelo L. Njaka is the Founder of Peckham Rights that aims to promote human rights for people of African descent and other marginalized communities through locally-based research, consultancy, and community development initiatives throughout Peckham and beyond.   She is the Chief Research Officer for MIPAD and also a 2017 UN Fellow for People of African Descent. Well done.

Eloïne Barry is a multiskilled, multilingual communications and business professional with a proven track record in building and managing PR businesses. An accomplished team leader, across disparate geographies and virtual teams, with a deep understanding of the PR industry. She is also the PR Agency for MIPAD.


Lukwesa Morin is the 1st ever Miss African Union who is gracing the cover of Class of 2019 Under 40 Edition and recently appointed Global Director, Social Impact for MIPAD.


Mrs. Kanayo Awani is the Managing Director, Intra-African Trade Initiative in Afreximbank our official partner in 2018. In her current role as Managing Director, she leads the Bank’s efforts in implementing its intra-African trade and Industrialisation Strategies.

Katja Schiller Nwator is the Principal Consultant at Motive Development Group and Founder of Philanthropy Circuit. She provides advisory services for the MIPAD Foundation.

Jamila Mustafa is an Award- Winning Journalist, Actress, Speaker and Host BET 2018.  She has corresponded for FOX, A&E, BET, Nickelodeon, iHeart Media, ESPN, and MTV NETWORKS to name a few. Mustafa is one of the most decorated millennials of her time, having received four Resolutions/Key to the City from Delaware City Council presidents.


Samke Mhlongo is Founder and Chief Executive of The Next Chapter (“TNC”) Wealth Partners – a consultancy that partners with various industry experts to provide financial wellness and coaching services to individuals and small businesses.


Nina Silva is the founder of  D’Black Bank and a leading IT Executive in Brazil. She’s one of the most influential black women IT executive in Brazil of diversity causes. She is actively involved in coaching and mentoring in many programs. She is also a Writer and Poet.


Thank you for being who you are and for being the best at it. Today we celebrate the WOMEN  you have all become. Keep shining queens, You rock. Happy International Women’s day.