Privilege Offers from Our Personal Development Partners : Inside Africa and in the Diaspora

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is the key to unlock new possibilities of success in every human being and it enables each of us contribute to making the world a better place #ChangeBeginsWithYou

Most Influential 100 (MI1) is the World’s #1 EXCELLENCE Network and inline with our mission to support your lifelong journey in becoming the best version of yourself, we are creating a one-stop shop for you to access tools that will help you unlock new possibilities of success in relationships, finances, leadership, health and wellness. Begin your journey towards #EXCELLENCE Enroll now here



The Lanre Olusola Coaching Academy (OLCA) provides you a unique opportunity to give meaning to your Career, Business, Relationships and Life through our various Bespoke Coaching Programs. Equipped with some of the World’s most effective coaching tools, such as the TGROW-Model, you will be able to set and consistently achieve all your individual, team and/or organizational Goals.



This academy is tested & guaranteed to achieve 75-95% of all set goals. Get  50% OFF when you register here  using the  (Promo Code: MIPAD). Learn more about Lanre Olusola (The Catalyst) here





Momentum Education crew

Momentum Education is a prominent organization, which provides quality results-driven coaching, dynamic personal development workshops, and highly experiential team building and professional development courses. They empower you to design your greatest self through powerful, decisive, and effective training. They leave you with renewed passion, inspiration and clarity around what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s next in your personal and professional life.

To go through any of their training then register with them using the (Promo Code: MIPAD2018) and you get 20% OFF. To learn more about Momentum Education check out this link here and here .

We have to warn you, to get the most out of our network, you going to have to break up with the old you and starting dating the new you before you can unlock these new possibilities.

Our global list of Most Influential 100 recognizes icons of excellence, showcasing the 1% to inspire the 99% to embrace the spirit of EXCELLENCE #ChangeBeginsWithYou #NewPossibilities #Success 🥇✨🏆

We look forward to receiving you into our network. Together let us create a world driven by Excellence. Yes, we can.


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