Imagine a world where you are called by your talents and last name is your gift?

A world where the first thing you ask another human being is not, “what is your name?” or “where are you from?” instead the first thing we are programmed to find out is what talents and gift each human being is carrying to give to the world? Because our survival as humanity depends on it.

A world where from birth, everyone and everything around us is helping us discover WHY WE ARE HERE ON THE PLANET?!

My name in this world is Kamil and I create global networks to build a world driven by EXCELLENCE, yes, a new world where my first name is EXCELLENCE and last name CREATOR

This is the world we are building at the World’s #1 EXCELLENCE Network, join us today 

Learn more in my new book coming to a bookshop near you titled…WHAT IS YOUR GIFT? Dreams of a world where YOU matter!

The Class of 2018 global list will be out soon with the Politics and Governance taking the lead. Stay tuned to our website to learn more about us

Together we can create a world driven by Excellence. Yes we  can

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